2013 Goals Pt3- Frozen vengeance campaign and Goal Round up

So today was a bit mad, out of the office and no time for a quite lunch break.
I discussed my first two goals for the year yesterday, so I’ll quickly cover my last goal and sum up on my tasks to complete. Along with Lester I’ll be GMing a campaign to get us all playing more games and producing a story and History for our armies to be proud of (we hope).

With the release of the “Crusade of fire” I was inspired to run a campaign. Each Christmas our gaming group likes to do something special and in 2011 we had a combat patrol tournament which went really well and was enjoyed by all (especially me as my Tyranids won with 5 victories in a row, yay.)
This Christmas just gone I wanted to mix it up a bit so ran a one day campaign inspired by a number of things from Crusade of fire. There were some issues but all in all everyone had a good time and the final battle was epic (the corridor of warlord death and the rolling escalator of doom being two prize moments). Now I’ll talk more about this next week but it has inspired our group to pull our finger out and organise something a bit more.

Lester and I have stepped up and will be GM the follow on from the Christmas game as a space Hulk full of Orks heads towards the Cruxius reach subsector.
So my final goal for the year is to get this campaign up and running so we can all start playing games. As we get stages complete I’ll no doubt ramble on about what we’re doing on here.
This blog will help me track my achievements and share my results as I play, model and design my way through the hobby.
Things to do
-          Finish a 1000point list fully painted by the summer (I may break my rule of not buying things as I want some grots for this to experiment with).
-          Make a start on some battle fleet gothic.
City fight:
-          First and foremost clear the buildings I’m selling out of the way. Should be simple enough as all I now need to do is blend in and damage the posters I’ve added.
-          Finish the Necromunda stile walkways I have started and the other half made tower by Easter.
-          Upgrade at least on building to match the walkways by summer.
-          Experiment with Paper Mache
Frozen Vengeance:
-          Get the campaign rules and background written, Map designed and recording structure in place and ready to release. By the end of Jan
-          Play some games, one a month target
-          Design an end of phase showdown, before Easter
-          Get the second phase ready to release, before Easter 
As discussed yesterday I’ll be following this up with the preamble for the battle report just a shame I’ve not had time to get it up earlier as I’ll be sharing on Dakka.