2013 Goals Pt 2 -Terrain


With a loft full of stuff I have many incomplete pieces of terrain that needs work to finish off and if I want to improve my collection I’ll need to make space. So this afternoon I talke about what needs to be done.

City Fight

I’ve always loved city fight games and have a healthy amount of terrain, however some of it is looking quite dated and with the release of Games Workshop’s city fight terrain I think I can do much better.
Firstly I have an Imperial Sector box and most of an extra Manufactorium waiting for some attention. My aim is to integrate these parts into some of my old terrain and follow on with the mixed theme to help make the GW stuff go further and also for a more unique feel.
Inspired by many a search round the net my favourite is over at the Necromundicon whose work is just jaw dropping.
Since I have plenty of bulkheads from Necromunda and love the game I want my City fight terrain to be able to incorporate the walk ways and gantries as well as add buildings into Necromunda as I always wondered where those walkways go to.
With that in mind one of my goals for this is to have completed an all new set of walkways and towers by Easter, I’ll get some pics up and discuss in a week or two when I get started.

Space to work 

But first I need space to work, the Administratum building the Ork Boyz are piling out of is just one of those that won’t be getting the Imperial sector upgrade and are taking up space at the Painting Forge. I’ve reinforced the floors with plastic so it won’t wear out like card did, fixed up any chips or damage from years of use (not much work needed really considering its over 7 years old) and tarted them up with new posters and the like. Just need to blend in the posters and add battle damage to more of the signs and it’ll all be ready for Ebay so keep your eyes peeled.

Non City terrain

With a discussion on Paper Mache on The Tyranid Hive, I want to experiment with the medium; I’m a big fan of it as a final product and I already have a hill and hope to paint it ready for tomorrow’s game. But I have plans for a tutorial as I promised on the forum and want to experiment with some Nid specific pieces, most probably in the latter half of the year.

Thats all

That’s it for now, tomorrow I'll take a look at the Frozen Vengeance Campaign we’re starting soon along with a goal round up for this year. Then later on I’ll talk about my upcoming game and set the scene with a preamble.