2013 Goals Pt 1 - Orks

Yesterday I set myself some goals for this year, thanks in part to a tendency to buy stuff and not actual get it table top ready (10 year old Chaos Land Raider still half assembled in its box springs to mind.)
As a reminder:
I shall resist buying stuff till I've made some progress towards my current armies and painting goals:
-          1000 points painted and table top ready Ork army using only models I own.
-          Make a dent in the piles of half built terrain stored in the loft.
-          Run along with Lester the Frozen Vengeance campaign for 40k based on the crusade of fire book.
I take a look at the first one after the break.

Sum total of my painted Orks

My Orks

I have worked out a 1500 point list without dakka jet, and an 1800 with the dakka Jet. I own all the models to play but 90% isn’t painted and some of it needs conversion and assembly.
Getting the whole lot painted is a fairly slim chance but I would like to at least dent it so the goal is a 1000 point list ready for June.
Currently all I have fully painted are 19 Slugga Boyz including knob and the last one, Guilty looking headless and armless big shooter Boy, is nearly done (hopefully tonight).
With a 750 point game Thursday night vs Eldar I also hope to get a knob painted up for my Storm boyz and will write up the game as a battle report, to that end I’ll set up a preamble tomorrow as well as share on Dakka.
There may also be some Battle fleet gothic action on the horizon.