2012 - Hive fleet Mantis complete and WIP (BFG)

With it being all quiet at work I thought I'd share some pictures of my Tyranid Hive fleet from last year. Scratch built from spare parts, tin foil and green stuff, I'm very happy with the results. Take a look and see what you think.

First up we have the Hive ship and Hive Drone escorts. 
I based my ships on manta rays and sharks with a nid tentacle/claw twist but over all I think they work well as if swimming through space.
Next up are my Cruisers and Krakens. You'll notice a lot of old Zoanthrope parts (all three editions of the model) as I replaced or am replacing them with shiny new finecast ones that won't fall over.
All together adding up to 750 points and I've played a couple of games with them even winning one, though mostly running out of time as we were learning the rules.

In the pipeline I have a couple of Hive ships in the works the closest to finishing is this beast equipped for mass firepower.
Hive Ship WIP
Thats all for now I'm off home soon and plan to get some picture of my orks and terrain for tomorrow's posts. No doubt I'll come back to Hive Fleet Mantis and share some 40k stuff when I have less to post about.
Drones WIP