So close it's just silly. Dread Tober 4

So sadly I didn't uite manage to finish the Hellbrute in time, progress was made but thanks to not quite getting the flesh right first time I had to basicaly repaint it in full. Still only technical paints and the base to go. More after the break.

I had a plan for the flesh, 3 stage, base, mid and highlight followed by a wash and special effects.
Starting with Taupe (Incribe paint not GW) I planned to then highlight with Rakath Flesh then a final highlight of Pallid Wych Flesh, this would then be washed with Reikland Fleshshade to blend it together and shade the recesses.
Unfortunately after trying out the Pallid Wych Flesh it was far to light and the transition was far to harsh To add insult to injury after repainting over the last highlight when I went ahead and washed the flesh with the flesh shade it changed to colour to dramatically away form the sickly greyish colour I had achieved.
In the end I had to basically repaint the whole of the flesh leaving just a recess wash.  
At least I now have a reliable recipe I can use on future models.

  1. Basecoat with the Taupe.
  2. Wash with Reikland Fleshshade.
  3. First Highlight with the Taupe again.
  4. Second highlight with Rakarth Flesh
Once complete it was time to have some fun. 
I wanted to try and make the flesh look bruised and battered around all of the wounds caused by metallic objects sticking out.
  1. Recess wash with Red wash, blended a mill or two from each wound.
  2. Make a thin yellow glaze and glaze the flesh around each wound, up to at most a centimetre.
  3. Thin the blue wash considerably and build up a random pattern of intensities within the yellowed area.
  4. Using less than the blue repeat the process for the Purple wash.
So with the experiments carried out I should really share the results.
With all the armour the front has only a small amount of bruising, most noticeably around the toes. However the whole point was to add intrest to the large area of flesh on the back of the model.
 Here I think it works brilliantly, even though I didn't make the Dread Tober deadline I'm so glad I didn't take any short cuts, better still last night I began adding technical paints and while I didn;t take any picture I had a lot of fun playing with them, mostly Blood for the Blood God.

All that's left now is to paint the heat damage and soot to the Multimelta and exhaust stacks, then some Ryza Rust on the chains before painting the base which has only had an undercoat since adding sand and some decoration.

I'm out tonight and Friday so I would be surprised to finish everything tomorrow. The end is definitely in sight and hopefully it will be finished all ready for next Tuesday's post.
Until then if time permits I'll write up the next Knight post at which point most of my content backlog will be finished so it will be live projects in current states or filler posts. 

Until next time TTFN and let me know what you think in the comments. 


  1. Okay, that bruising is fantastic and I can honestly say I've never seen that on a Helbrute. I've seen lots of cool red, raw and/or infected flesh but never bruised. It works so well with that black beatle-shell carapace, and it helps the red pop.

    Really cool effect!

    1. I am very happy with it. I'm trying to do something new on every new type of model I paint nowadays so glade this turned out well and didn't need yet another repaint.

  2. Brusing looks great. Better to spend more time and finish it right, then speed up to meet a deadline :)

    1. Thanks Greg, looking forward to seeing how you got on.


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