Thursday, 28 March 2013

First Stormboyz done

So as promised here are the shots of my stormboyz unit so far. I have five fully painted along with Wazzarukk the Nob, I have a further 4 assembled in my case so I can use the unit and then thanks to an eBay purchase I have 4 more in bits undercoated ready to paint and the remaining 3 from the ebay lot in a baggy stripped of paint and un-assembled. This allowed me to paint up the last four for the ten Boy unit without the need to proxy anything while I do.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Frozen Vengeance, as turn one draws to a close

So after at the end of yesterday’s battle report and last week’s post on the Frozen vengeance campaign background, I promised a look at how the first turn was shaping up.
The campaign has been based on the rules from the Crusade of Fire, however we removed the individual map tiles and simply have a number of points at each location to fight over. A close win scores 1 point, a solid win score 2 and a total annihilation scores 3.
Currently we are about to move into Turn two this weekend. So today let’s look at the games played so far and who things are going.
Crimson fists Face off Vs the Ork hoard

Monday, 25 March 2013

Frozen vengence Battle Report, 1500 points Orks vs Crimson Fists with greyknight allies.

As promised today I post up my battle report for my second campaign game against Paul and his Crimson Fists with Grey Knight Allies. We decided that we didn’t want to risk any of our allies points which left us with Jellico’s watch as the location for the fight.
 “At last we meet the Greenskin scum. The Frenzied mob outnumbers us 3 to 1. We are here for the sacred relic; they cannot get their filthy hands on this at all costs.”
“This is Kantor to the strike cruiser Zealous, ready the Terminators for Immediate deployment”
“Aye Sir”
Transmission received from Chapter Master Pedro Kantor before going into battle on jellico’s watch.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Frozen Vengeance Campaign

For a while now I’ve been mentioning this, it was once of my goals for the year to get it running alongside the other GM Lester and then we need to keep it going as the Phases move on.
I’ve already written one battle report for the campaign and I’ve another on the way (left the memory stick with the write up at home) and with only two game under my belt I think I’ve played the lest so far out of the group. But with a 10 month old and full time work I guess that’s not a surprise.
I finished the Map for the first sector today having tidied up a mistake and while there is no doubt a lot I could do to improve it lets look at it and the setting for the campaign.

The Frozen Misery Space Hulk

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Back again and some Ork WIPs

So that was a lot longer than planned. Holidays are great unless you get ill and then get stuck at home not able to do much. Still managed a few bits, my Stormboyz pictured below now have legs and bodies ready for final washes so hopefully I’ll get some more done this evening for the heads and arms and maybe even finish them by Thursday.
But most interesting I began work on my Big Mek, up until now I’ve been using my Painboy conversion but begun hacking up a spare plastic nob and adding some gubbinz.
a fairly simple bit of work, a big chunky bone saw made from the Stock of the Nob’s Shoota and an old Kan Close combat weapon. The Urty Syringe is a pistol arm, plastic shoota and the Mandrel from a blind rivet for the stabby bit and lastly I’ve added a rucksack with spare bitz for da surgery. I’m considering adding an apron at some point, maybe a head swap for one I can put a surgeons mask on and I might make it look like he’s got black rubber gloves on.
I’ve quite happy with how the Mek is turning out I’ve still got a few bits to work out but not too far to go. I need to Decide If I want to magnetise the model as I don’t always use a Kustom force field in smaller games, though I am considering reworking my smaller lists a little in light of playing experience.
The base of the model was a plastic Nob I had kicking round from a batch of models from Ebay. I guess it was a black reach one. I drilled out his left hand side and clipped away a sizable hollow. Digging through my bitz box I found an epic scale shokk attack gun which seemed quite appropriate and can be seen in the zoomed in portion of the image for his Bioniks as well as using the barrel to help bulk out the bionik shoulder. Then a GorkaMorka cybork arm finishes the Burner arm off nicely. The ‘Mekanorkdrite’ arms are simply GorkaMorka stickbomb chuckas though I need to add some tools, I’m thinking spanner, drill and maybe a cutting blade.
His cybork components are rounded off with Dakkajet spares and some bits of hacked up Sentinel cockpit and some greystuff.
The Beginnings of the Kustom Force Field is made from a stickbomb and the Grot prod left over from my Runtherd. I’m going to expand on this for some extra Orky fun, I also need to build up on the helmet some more to make it look like a welders mask with eye protection.
I also managed to get a game in Vs Paul’s Crimson Fists with Grey Knight allies. I’ve started writing it up as a battle report for the game as Waaagh Ironside continues its trail of destruction across the Cruxius Reach subsection so expect to hear more on that soon.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Big Gunz

With the changes to artillery in 6th I recon a unit of Big Gunzs is so good. With the ablative wounds of up to 12 grots, 2 wounds on each gun and a runtherd that’s a ridiculous number of T7 wounds. In big “guns never tire” I would actually bother to have objectives close to my back field for these guys to look after.
I’ve had a pair of semi scratch built Zapgunz around for a while and I picked up a box of Grot over the weekend to boost my crew and get the runtherd. But to be honest with the flexibility of the Basic kannon why whould you swap it for ether of the other two options?
So last night I found some time to sit down at the painting forge and Mek it up.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Grubgul and Wazzarukk

Last Thursday I finished Wazzarukk my storm boy nob, so I thought I'd share it today along with the close ups of Grubgul the Slugga boyz nob who featured in the battle report vs the Space Wolves.  And delve into the History of these two mighty Ork beasts

Grubgul and his Dakka Boyz